Inspiring a nation of home bartenders


People bloody love cocktails

Without even knowing you, yes you, the person reading this... we bet you love cocktails too. With a booming trend in people choosing to create cocktails at home, our client Sazerac (owners of Southern Comfort, Fireball, Tito's Vodka and more) came with insight that "we want to reach people across social, to inspire home trial of our products".


Encouraging home bartenders

Using the platform of choice for our target audience, we created the Instagram channel 'Cocktail Culture'. The account would inspire cocktail lovers across the UK and direct them to the spirit used in each cocktail at either Amazon, Ocado or other eCommerce spirit retailers. Thus providing a more social way of selling to the audience.


this is cocktail culture

In a year @thisiscocktailculture gained over 25k followers on Instagram, reached 4.8m people, gained 3.8m engagements, 9.3m video views and 25k link clicks. Not a bad start to life as a cocktail based publisher brand. Cocktail Culture is now in the hands of the in-house team at Sazerac UK and we wish them all the luck in the world.