A Brit of a Difference


Planners want more

Planners increasingly want customised, unique venues for their events. It’s this desire for ‘more’ which is fast reshaping the meetings industry. Traditional convention centres and bland conference rooms are losing ground, as organisers seek trendier, more accommodating and well designed one-day venue providers. Enter etc.venues…


Taking the UK to NYC

Through a LinkedIn and Twitter campaign, we've focused on the core USPs of the etc.venues brand, and delivered this to NYC-based meeting planners and C-Suite management across visually inspiring touchpoints. With etc.venues food and design being so inspiring, and the main reason for repeat custom, we knew that our content needed to jump off the screen.


Supercharged not superficial

By delivering brand awareness to a new audience and educating planners on why etc.venues is the better choice, we reached over 600,000 people within the B2B community across LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Our work has helped to register the interest of prospective client’s for the business, with the sole intention to drive ‘show arounds’ for the company’s upcoming 360 Madison Ave location. We created an epic Brand Video to help generate some of this buzz (see below).