Introducing the Home of Plymouth Gin


There's nothing like 'Proper' gin

Britain’s seemingly unquenchable thirst for gin saw consumers buy 66m bottles in 2018. With more weird and wacky flavours entering the market each month, gin fans still choose a superior 'standard' G&T as their drink of choice. Alongside the volume of gins being made, there’s also been a shift in how it’s consumed, with more people enjoying gin at home with friends rather than out on the town.


Introducing the Home of Plymouth Gin

Since 1793, England's oldest working gin distillery has created the finest gin. Despite its rich history, Plymouth Gin fell behind in the recent ‘gin boom’. Launching a stunning Instagram feed as well as a strategic paid social media approach, we aim to reach every gin fan in the UK, serving them content that screams 'superior gin' yet still emits a warmth and friendliness that’s synonymous with the South West.


Proper results

Launching the @homeofplymouthgin Instagram account in mid-2018, we've created a feed that feels truly at home in the South West, whilst still retaining the brand’s global appeal. Our paid strategy has seen us reach and build out a retargeting audience (of gin fans) to over 1m people, helping to drive greater brand awareness and successful commercial results.