All the spirit, none of the alcohol


The low & no alcohol market continues to rise

More and more consumers are striving to moderate their alcohol consumption. The want to adopt healthier lifestyles and the push-back against the booze-fuelled, professional networking culture has played a part in this shift. With this growing cultural trend, STRYYK aims to use its NOT Gin, NOT Rum and NOT Vodka non-alcoholic spirits to become a front-runner in this evolving market.


STRYYK & Serve

Launching a new brand requires a laser-focused approach. Strategically creating content for Instagram and Facebook, the team have built-out a feed using distinctive brand assets and bottle placements to amplify brand awareness. We’ve matched this clear creative style with a relatable tone of voice and a well-thought-out paid social strategy that targets mindful consumers and health enthusiasts alike.


All the spirit, none of the alcohol

The team use STRKKing (pun intended) creative to inspire as well as educate. Instagram is our hero feed which looks to galvanise the brands fun, "say no to compromise" stance. To demonstrate our outside-the-box thinking, we've created 'STRYYK & Serve' Instagram Stories which deliver recipe videos in the form of an interactive magazine.